brancH BLOG!

brancH BLOG!


Work work work!

I have been a busy bee! Lately, I've been working on all things relating to dolls! While I'm still sculpting and trying to mold and cast my girl (I'm about to give up and just send her as is to Dollshe to cast!!!) I've also been working on commissions!

My good friend Megan commissioned me to do a faceup and fantasy body blushing on her lovely little Soom, "Calypso". We tried purple first but decided to go with a lovely grayish-teal color:


And while juggling another commission, I'm also very happy to share a body modification of the Unoa flat bust!

So! Needless to say I have a lot on my plate, AND, I'm also preparing to go to Germany for my next duty station!

I'm stoked about that one, and just as stoked about my incoming additions to my doll collection! My Iracebeth doll by Nefer Kane has shipped and is in route and I will be getting my Doll Chateau Queena fullset along with an adorable Ada! Phew! Well, I'll continue trying to post more this year ;)



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